Playing competitively at other events?

Represent! Wear our colors proudly and we'll make it worth your while.

The Program:


We want to start building Scion eSports into a brand, and a team, in addition to just a production company.  Therefore, we want people to play under the banner of Scion eSports.  We don't have the resources to provide traditional cash sponsorships to teams at this point, but we have a plan to get there eventually!

In the meantime, we have a proposition for you.  This is the first step towards taking advantage of any traditional sponsorship opportunities we may have in the future.

Anyone who successfully makes a name for themselves playing at any competitive esports events (other than our own, obviously) wearing one of our official Scion eSports shirts will be presented with one of our super sweet and highly coveted Scion eSports Nike Golf 1/4 Zip Pullovers free of charge to wear at any future events,  And yours won't just be boring like ours.  We will monogram the in-game name you made famous onto the sleeve of your custom jacket.  There are only three people in the world right now with that treatment... IdrA, MrBitter, and Rotterdam08.  (Google them, they're a pretty big deal.)

The Instructions:


Click one of the links to the right to go to our official designs on CustomInk, and buy one.  (We're not making any money off this, sorry if it's kind of expensive for t-shirts.  Get a few friends together to buy in bulk to get the price down some.)

Win a grand prize (1st Place Finish) of $500 cash or prize of equal value, OR, win a total of $1000.00 cash or prizes of equal value at multiple events in one calendar year wearing one of our official shirts that you purchased.  Teams can qualify by winning a grand prize of $1000.00 or total winnings of $2000.00.

Fill out our Sponsored Player/Team Agreement, and give us a picture of you receiving the award(s) wearing our shirt.  Yes we will share the heck out of it, so make sure you're not in the witness protection program before you decide to participate in this special offer.


Tell us your sweater size, and what you want monogrammed on the sleeve, then elevate to true esports celebrity.

The Rules:


Any entry fees paid are deducted from prize values. (Paying a $10 entry fee and claiming a tshirt with a cash value of $10 that you "won" as a prize isn't really in the spirit of the program.)


You have to own the official Scion eSports tshirt, and if you're a team you have to all own the shirts. (Buying one and passing it around to whoever happens to be receiving an award isn't really in the spirit of the program either.)


Good sportsmanship is required to participate in this program.  If you are wearing our colors you are an ambassador for Scion eSports.  We won't chase you down and try to take away a t-shirt that you paid for with your own hard earned money as soon as you let slip a four letter word, but once we give you a sweater, we are sponsoring you, and we expect you to exhibit professionalism and class.  Do that, and we'll get along just fine.


Any team or player interested in being considered for a traditional cash or in-kind sponsorship deal with Scion eSports in the future must go through this program first.


The shirt has to be one of these exact designs, (with only the changes specifically allowed below) in order to qualify for the program.  If you want us to approve a modified version, for example if you want a game logo on the back but you don't play in Fight Club or Spartan Corps, let us know before you order it, and we'll work with you on building a design with one of our other game logos that fits our brand image parameters.

No additional artwork or text may be added to the front of any of our shirts.

On the back of the shirts WITH our event logo images, you may include any other logos or text in the empty space BELOW our logo, such as other sponsors, team name, tagline, etc.  No other artwork may appear above our event logo.

No artwork may be added to the backs of the basic designs with only our logo on the front.  If you want to print additional content on the back, use one of the designs that has a back.


Choosing a different shirt/logo combination is allowed but it must be of similar contrast levels and appropriately complementary colors to our provided designs.  Our logo must always be displayed in white, light gray, or navy blue.  Nothing personal, we're sure your brown logo on a neon green shirt would look great, but we're trying to stay within our own branding guidelines.  To be safe get it approved before you order it if you want to participate in this program.


You don't have to buy the shirt from CustomInk, if you have another source where you can get them cheaper, great! The key is the branding consistency.  We designed these shirts, so we know they fit with our specifications.  If you get one somewhere else, make sure it's exactly the same, you shouldn't be able to tell the difference between yours and someone wearing the CustomInk one standing right next to you.  If there is another online vendor who has similar shirts for much cheaper let us know and we'll set up shop with them.



Scion eSports Basic Tee (artwork on front only)

Scion eSports Premium Jersey Tee (front only)

Scion Fight Club Basic Tee (front and back)

Scion Fight Club Premium Jersey Tee (front and back)

Scion Spartan Corps Basic Tee (front and back)

Scion Spartan Corps Premium Jersey Tee (front and back)